Role Overview: Course Instructor Admin

Course Instructors are a type of admin who have specific admin permissions for a specific course as opposed to group or university.

To set up a Course Instructor, see Changing/Adding Administrator Roles

Course Instructors have admin permissions for the following:

Reports Tab

  • Dashboards
  • My Reports
  • Transcript
  • Course Enrollment Totals
  • Grade Book
  • Aggregated assessment/survey Results

Training Tab

  • Course Emailer
  • Manual Pass
  • Allow Retakes
  • Approve Activity
  • Enrollment Requests
  • Offline Course Requests
  • Grade Essay
  • Submitted Course Files

University Properties

Go to Admin > Settings > University > Properties Tab to grant Course Instructors the ability to enroll users in courses (only the courses for which they are Course Instructors).