Role Overview: Group Admin

The Group Admin serves as an admin for a specific group rather than the full university. Primarily, a group admin has access to reports for learners in their group. They can be granted additional access to a variety of user and course management tasks through University Settings.

Group Hierarchy Relationship

An admin of a parent group is also an admin of all sub-groups. An admin of a sub-group is not an admin of the parent group. An admin of a parent group is not a student in each sub-group. They can access the sub-groups, but cannot participate as a member of the sub-group.

Group Admin Permissions

If no other privileges have been granted, Group Admins can access the following:

Reports Tab:

  • Dashboards
  • My Reports
  • Transcript
  • Training Track Progress
  • Course Enrollment Totals
  • Grade Book
  • Completed Course Hours
  • User $BlueBucks

Training Tab:

  • Course Emailer
  • Approve Activity
  • Enrollment Requests
  • Offline Course Requests
  • Grade Essay
  • Submitted Course Files

Users Tab:

  • Users


University Settings

If you want your group admins to have greater control, you can go to University > Settings > Properties Tab and grant (or deny) access.

CAUTION: The properties tab contains several university properties features which have a major impact on how your university operates. Make changes with care and consult your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Group Admin related Properties:

  • Admin: Do not Allow Group Admin to Add/Edit Users
  • Allow group admin to add subgroups to groups
  • Course: Allow Group Admins to Add/Edit Courses
  • Hide assessment results from Group Admin and Report Viewer
  • Paid Courses: Group Admin Can Enroll Students in Paid Courses via the Admin Course Enrollment Page
  • Training Tracks: Allow Group Admins to Manage Training Tracks
  • Allow Admin to whitelist Group Admins to Add Courses
  • Paid Courses and Training Tracks: Allow Bulk Course and Training Track purchases by Group Admins
  • Reverse Purchases (Refunds) **Only when university has a merchant account other than the Default (BlueVolt) merchant account.

NOTE: Most of these properties are a global change, meaning all group admins can perform these tasks or none can. It’s important to speak with your Customer Success Manager or BlueVolt Support for clarification before making these changes.