Scheduling Recurring Reports

Using Scheduled Reports is a great way to set up automatically generated reports which you need frequently and which call for the same criteria each time. For example, you might want to keep track of enrollments for a group of learners on a monthly basis. You can set up scheduled reports for both the Course Enrollment Totals and Training Track Progress that contain information for the previous day, week, month, last 7 days or last 30 days. You can choose to have this delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

You can find detail for running each report here:

Course Enrollment Totals

Training Track Progress

To schedule the report:

  1. Run each report as detailed in the articles above except for the final Run Report Instead, click Schedule Report 
  2. Fill in the appropriate information:
    • Subject/Title: Create a name for this report
    • Report Frequency: Weekly, daily, or monthly
    • Report format: PDF, CSV, Excel, Excel 2003
    • Report date range: Yesterday, Last week, Last month, Last 7 days, Last 30 days
    • Delivery day: Choose which day of the week you would like this report to be delivered
    • CC Admin Recipients:Admins can CC other Admins in the University
    • CC Non Admin Recipients:Admins can CC non-Admins when scheduling a report (this is not available for detail reports) 
  3. Finally, click Save.

Once you schedule a report, you can keep track of it under Reports > My Reports.