Send Email Invitation

After creating a user profile, you can send an invite to the user to join your university. See Add Users to Your University for profile creation information. Once you send the invitation, the user will receive an email invite and require them to sign into their account.

Send an Invitation

While in the user’s profile, there is a button that says Send Email Invite. Clicking that will send an email to the user, inviting them to your university.


User Already has a Profile in a University Powered by BlueVolt

Inevitably, you will run into a situation where you start to add a new user to your university and get the Email Collision warning letting you know the user already has an active profile. Clicking OK will generate an email invitation to the user to join your university. This will require the user to sign into their existing account and accept or deny the invitation. See Add Users to Your University for details.


Resend an Email Invitation

Occasionally, a user will either not receive the email invitation or delete it and you will need to resend it. If the user has not received the email, first have them check Junk or Spam to be sure it didn’t sent there.

If the user doesn’t have the email, you can resend a couple different ways.


  1. Go to Admin > Users > User Invitations and find the user. This report will indicate the status of the invite. Under Resend Email Invite you can click Invite to resend an invitation to that user.
  2. Through the user’s profile, you can also resend an invitation. Search for the user in Admin > Users > Users. The results will have a field Send Email Invitation. Click the user’s email address and an email will be sent.
  3. You can resend the Email Invitation by clicking Edit to open the user’s profile and clicking Send Email Invite at the bottom of the profile page just as you would when you initially create an account.


NOTE: If you are sending an invite to a user who already has an active profile, you will be able to finish setting up their profile, adding them to groups, etc., after they have accepted the invitation.