Set Course Enrollment Limits

Course Enrollment Limits are a great way to limit the number of learners who take your course. This is especially useful for in-person, instructor-led courses where you have a limited number of physical seats in the classroom. Limiting enrollment ensures you don’t overbook the room. In addition to ensuring you don’t overbook the room, another example of when you may want to limit a course size is budget. You may have X dollars allotted for course enrollments for the month. Using Course Enrollment Limits will help you stay on budget.

Limit Course Enrollments

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Courses
  2. Search for the course you wish to limit the size
  3. Click on 4.Settings.
  4. In Students (Leave blank for unlimited), enter the number of seats/enrollments you would like for that course.
  5. Click on Save & Exit.

NOTE: You can change/remove course enrollment limits at any point.