Set up Payflow Pro

If you want to sell courses yourself in the BlueVolt University, you will need to establish an account with PayPal Payflow Pro (or another payment gateway). Payflow Pro accounts require to you have your own merchant bank and gateway processor established, which may take a little bit of time if you don't already have one established for your business.

NOTE: If you are interested in setting up a payment gateway or e-commerce in your university, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager.

Overview of Steps:

  1. Contact PayPal to set up your Payflow Pro Gateway account.
  2. Activate your Payflow Pro Gateway account.
  3. Create a user account to be used by BlueVolt for running transactions in the LMS.
  4. Let BlueVolt BlueVolt Customer Success Manager know that you are ready to test.

NOTE: BlueVolt will test using that user account to run a small transaction. Once a test transaction is successful, BlueVolt will turn on payment processing for your University. Then you can set a price for those courses that you want to sell.

PayPal Payflow Pro Website

You can call Payflow Pro's sales team at their 1-800 number to help you through the process. Make sure you ask about Payflow Pro, and NOT PayPal Website Payments or other PayPal business products. The main difference between these two products lines (other than the API) is that Payflow Pro uses YOUR merchant account (usually with a bank, such as First Data Merchant Services, Amex, etc). Whereas PayPal’s business products will have PayPal act as your merchant account. With Payflow Pro, more money is charged by them upfront but less is charged per transaction. The PayPal business products are the opposite - they charge less up front but take a bigger cut on each transaction.

Payflow Pro information can be found on PayPal's website here.

Activating Your Payflow Pro Account

Once you have setup your Payflow Pro account, you may have to activate that account. Log into PayPal Manager and view the block called "Your Account Status" on the right hand side. If your account is not set to "Active," follow the instructions to confirm and activate your account. 

Creating a Payflow Pro User Account

You will need to create a Payflow Pro login that uses the FULL_TRANSACTION role. 
This role will allow BlueVolt to run charges as well as reverse them if you decide to issue a refund from the LMS. 

Required Credentials

  • Partner - this is usually "PayPal" or "Verisign"
  • Merchant - Name used when creating the Payflow Pro account
  • Login - user login
  • Password

Testing the Payflow Pro User Account

Once you have your new Payflow Pro account and your user credentials ready, contact BlueVolt. We will run a small test transaction to verify that your Payflow Pro account is ready to rock!


Congrats! You are a ready to start selling courses. Now for each course you have setup in your LMS, you merely need to set the price for that course.