Set Up Training Tracks

Training tracks are a great way of grouping several courses together. You can set an expected duration so learners are notified they need to complete all the courses in the track within a certain amount of time.


Create a Training Track Type (Category)

NOTE: Training Track Types cannot be deleted once they have had Training Tracks assigned to them. 

  1. Select Training > Training Track on the Admin navigation bar
  2. Select New Training Track Type to create a new “category” for your training tracks
  3. Enter a name for your training track type and a description (if needed) of the types of training tracks that are contained in this training track type, and then click Save.


Create a Training Track

Click New Training Track link in the right-hand column.

  1. Type: Choose the Training Track type. This will default to the first type you established when you started creating your Training Tracks. Each type you’ve previously created will appear here.
  2. Training Track Name: Give your Training Track a Name.
  3. Limit Enrollment To: If you want to group restrict this Training Track, select Certain Groups from the dropdown and then check the boxes corresponding to the group(s) to which you want to limit the track.
  4. Registration: Determine how you want learners registered for this Training Track.
    • Self-Register
    • Pin-Code
    • Requires Admin Approval
  1. Cost: If your university is set up for paid courses and e-commerce, there are two options for cost on the Training Track.
    • Specific Cost: If you want the Training Track to have a specific cost for the track, enter the amount here.
    • Auto-sum costs of course in track: If each course in the track is a paid course individually and you want to provide a Training Track cost based on the sum of each course, select this option.
  1. Expected Duration (Days): If you want the Training Track to be completed within a certain number of days after enrollment, enter them here. When the Training Track remains incomplete after the number of days, Behind Schedule emails will be sent out to the learner.
  2. $BlueBucks Rewards: If your university is set up for $BlueBucks and you want to offer Training Track level $BlueBucks, enter the amount here. The $BlueBucks will be awarded upon completion of the entire track.
  3. Categories: Enter some categories in which the Training Track will appear here.
  4. Training Track Thumbnail Image: You can upload a custom image or use your university’s default image.
  5. Show Training Track in Course Catalog: Check this box when you want learners to be able to see the Training Track in the Course Catalog.
  6. Show Certificate link to student: For Training Track completion certificates, a link will appear next to the Training Track on the Learner’s transcript upon completion.
  7. Auto Enroll Learners in Courses: Check this box to automatically enroll learners in every course in the Training Track upon enrollment in the Training Track.
  8. Send Enrollment Message: Check this box if you want learners to receive a message indicating they have been enrolled in the track. This will also display an editor to customize your Training Track Enrollment Message. 

Add Courses to Training Track

In the Course section:

  1. Select a Category of courses from the Category drop down. 
  2. Click on a course name
  3. Click the button to add the course to the training track on the right
  4. Click Save when complete


For information about enrolling learners in training tracks, click the image: