Share (and Sell) Your Courses

University Admins can choose courses from their university to share to the BlueVolt Sharing Center Course Catalog or to specific recipients.

Courses shared to the BlueVolt Sharing Center Course Catalog can then be discovered by other university admins where they can then: 

  • Request Course - request approval from course owner so that they can add the course to their own university
  • Get Course - add course to their university without waiting for approval from the course owner
  • Buy Course – purchase enrollments for a course they want to add to their university (and you earn revenue on the courses you sell)

Courses shared to specific recipients will generate a notification to the recipient that you want to share your course. They will then be able to approve your course share offer before they set it up in their university. This step can be bypassed by sending a partnership request. Note: Sending paid courses to specific recipients or partners is not an option. Paid courses must be accessed via the BlueVolt Sharing Center Course Catalog.

Read more about setting up a partnership here: Sharing Settings


Note: Courses you have chosen to share to the BlueVolt Sharing Center Course Catalog only display for other admins who are browsing the catalog and may want your course. (i.e. You will not see your own courses that you have added to the catalog.)


Steps to share your course to the Sharing Center Catalog:

  1. Go to Admin > Sharing Center > My Shared Courses
  2. On the Courses I’m Sharing tab, you can view any courses you are currently sharing and adjust settings as needed, or you can click the Share Coursesbutton to share a new course.


  1. Select the course(s) that you want to share to the Sharing Center Catalog.


  1. When you have selected your courses, click the Next: Select Recipientsbutton.
  2. Review and change the Add to the BlueVolt Sharing Center settings as needed.
  3. Search for a specific Recipient by entering a term in the Find by keyword field or Select from an Existing Partner.


Note: The default $BlueBucks amount is set to 0 and Max Enrollments are unlimited. You may want to consider changing these defaults to increase the reach and success of the courses you are adding to the Sharing Center course catalog.


To Sell Your Course via the Sharing Center Catalog

  1. Check “This is a paid course” if you want to sell enrollments for the course you are sharing to the BlueVolt Sharing Center catalog.
  2. Enter the amount per enrollment that you would like to charge. This amount must be in whole dollars.

Notice that the $BlueBucks Offered and Max Enrollment fields are disabled for courses that you mark as paid courses.

Admins browsing the Sharing Center catalog will see a Buy button for these courses (instead of Get or Request). If they choose to buy your course, they will select the number of enrollments they want and then enter a credit card to complete the transaction.

At this point, the course will be shared to them with a maximum number of enrollments based on the amount they purchased.

The money you earn for course purchases is deposited directly to the merchant account associated with the payment gateway set up for your university.


NOTE: You will only see this option available if you have a payment gateway set up for your university. Please contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager for assistance with setting up a payment gateway for your university.