Share Courses with Other Universities on the BlueVolt Platform

One of the best features of the BlueVolt platform is the ability to share courses across universities. This allows you to maximize both your content’s audience and the amount of content to which your learners have access. This is a great way to expand and improve course catalogs and availability of content. Sharing Courses is a process which involves help from your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager and Support team. To get started, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager for more information.

NOTE: This information is useful for BlueVolt Universities only. This information is not useful for Course Publisher Accounts.

Track Shared Courses

Once you’ve begun sharing courses, a lot of enrollment detail and information will appear on the course dashboards just as it does for every course in your university. The Course Activity chart on the Course Dashboard and University Dashboard will show color-coded course activity by university with the key listed to the right.


Reports which provide enrollment and completion information about the courses in your university will include information on shared instances as well as your own university.

Manage Shared Courses

Whenever you update a course in your university by replacing a module, adding a module, or changing other settings that affect content of the course, those changes will apply to all shared instances as well.

However, inactivating a course in your university will not inactivate the course in all universities to which it is shared. Inactivating modules in the course in your university will not inactivate the modules in the shared instances. Leaving inactive modules in a course which is shared will result in the learners taking the shared instance to be unable to complete or access the course. When you must inactivate required modules within a course you have shared, the universities which have the course must be notified in order to inactivate the modules in their instance of the course. If you inactivate an optional module, it will have no negative impact on the shared instances.

CAUTION: Inactivating required modules will cause learners to be unable to complete the course. If you must inactivate modules in a course you want to remain active, you must make the modules optional as well.

You can inactivate the course as a whole in shared instances by following these instructions: Inactivate a Shared Course.

View Shared Courses

You can view all the courses you’ve shared and to which universities by going to Training > Shared Courses

You can expand the waterfall to see Courses you’re sharing (these are the courses shared by you) or Courses from others (these are courses that have been shared with you).

When you expand the waterfall, you can view this by Course or by Recipient.

You can also edit certain pieces of information from this page which will impact the shared instances.

CAUTION: Be extremely careful with the remove link as this action cannot be undone. This will not entirely remove the shared course from the recipient. Contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager before performing this action.