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State Says They Haven't Received Course Completion

Courses completed between 12:00AM Monday and 11:59PM PST Sunday will be reported on the following business Monday. We do not report on Mondays which are federal holidays.

If you believe your course should have been reported, consider the following:

  1. Make sure we have all your valid licenses on file in your profile. We can only report your completion to the states for which you have provided us with your license number, and which have approved the course.  You can Add/Edit License in Your Profile any time. 
  2. A course is considered complete and eligible for reporting when it has been paid. Not when the course content shows as Passed/Complete. If the course shows Ready to Pay, you must pay for the course before it will be eligible for reporting. If the course shows In Progress, you must complete and pay for the course before it is eligible for reporting.
  3. Once we report the completion to the state, the state is responsible for processing the completion on their end. This may take a few additional days.