Tax Tables for Scheduled Courses

You can add a Tax Table for use on paid Scheduled courses that have specific, physical locations. When the learners buys the Scheduled course set up with a Tax, they will pay the appropriate tax for that location.

 Create Tax Table

Go to Admin > Settings > University > Commerce

  1. Select the Taxes
  2. Check Enable Taxes
  3. Click Add Tax Rate
    • On the Add Tax Rate page, enter Name, Rate, and make the status Active
    • Click Save
  4. Repeat for each additional tax rate you need to support

Apply Tax Rate to Scheduled Course

Apply a tax rate to a Scheduled course with a Cost Per Schedule by going to Admin > Courses and edit or create a Scheduled course. Go to tab 5.Schedule.

  1. Enter Scheduled Cost
  2. Select the Tax to apply from the dropdown


The Course Payment contains columns with information on taxes. These columns are:

  • Tax Name
  • Tax %
  • Tax Paid
  • Total Course Cost Paid (includes tax)