Training Track Progress

This report is useful in showing learners’ progress in training tracks. Much like the CET (Course Enrollment Totals) report, which shows information by course, the Training Track Progress report will provide detail on tracking tracks.

Run the Training Track Progress Report

  1. Go to Admin > Reports > User Reports > Training Track Progress
  2. Determine criteria for the report
    • Rollup: A summary which gives you learners’ progress on the entire training track without breaking down progress on each individual course.
    • Details: A detailed report which gives you learners’ progress on the entire training track by breaking down each course within.
    • Report Criteria Type: Enrollment or Completion
    • Date Range: Include all dates or a date range. The dates are either the date the learner Enrolled in the training track or the date the learner Completed the training track, depending on what you choose for Report Criteria Type.
    • Select All: A report that includes everyone in your university
    • Certain Groups: Limits the report to specific groups
    • Percent Complete: Limits report to a group of learners who have completed a specific percentage of the training track
    • Training Tracks: Select All to see a report on every training track in the university or Certain Training Tracks to limit the report to specific training tracks
  3. Select either Display in browser or one of the Download options
  4. Click Run Report

 NOTE: This report can also be scheduled to run for the same criteria on a regular schedule. For details, see Scheduling Recurring Reports