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Trouble with Courses on Mobile Devices

Our site is capable of hosting courses for mobile devices and some courses are optimized for mobile. However, many of our courses were developed to use Adobe Flash. Apple has not allowed Adobe to run Flash plug-ins on its mobile devices. If your device has Android OS Jellybean 4.1 or newer, it will not run Flash. Older Android devices may work for you if you have Flash installed.

There are a couple of things to try:

  1. You can try scrolling down to the bottom of the page & clicking on "Non-Mobile Site/View" and see if that helps more content come up
  2. Try closing out & logging back in with another browser
  3. If the issue is with the Articulate app, try deleting it and downloading it again, and see if that yields a better result

Please be aware that many of our courses which have seat-time requirements won't complete on a mobile device. If you're re-watching material and the clock is not ticking down the minutes for you, or if you're unable to see how many minutes are left in the requirement, try switching the browser you are using. Additionally, try scrolling down to the very bottom of the page and clicking the words Non-Mobile Site/View to see if more content comes up for you. If neither of these resolves your issue, you may have to wait until you can get to a desktop or laptop.  

TIP: Some learners have had success viewing Flash courses on mobile devices with the Puffin Web Browser. You can find out more information and links to the paid apps here:

NOTE: BlueVolt does not endorse nor take any responsibility for problems arising from using this application. If you have difficulties with Puffin, we will not be able to provide support. If you become aware of other apps that will display Flash courses on mobile devices, please let us know and we'll share that information here. Thanks!