UI Setup: Featured Training Block

Featuring courses is a great way to promote and highlight course content. Using a Featured Training block can help you draw attention to courses you want your learners to see first.

NOTE: To discuss best practices and how to optimize Featured Training, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager.

Add Featured Training Content

There are two primary places where you can add a Featured Training block. Once learners have logged in, you can have a Featured Training block on your Homepage or the Course Catalog – or both.

TIP: Before setting up a Featured Training block, Feature a Course.

Featured Training on the Homepage

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > University > User Interface
  2. You will be on the Block Content tab, defaulted to Homepage. Click add block.
  3. This will open a page where you can set up the block. Give it a title, determine the audience, set some style features. Fill out the appropriate information to create the block.
  4. Under Block Contents, select Featured Training in the Content Type
  5. Determine how you want the block to display, how many courses you want to appear in the Featured Training, and whether you want to Allow learner to change the display type.
  6. Click Save once you have set all the parameters for the block. This will return you to the list of blocks on your Homepage.
  7. The new block will default to the bottom of the list. You can click and hold the little menu icon on the left of the block name to drag the block wherever you want it positioned on your Homepage.
  8. Click Save after you have everything ordered correctly.

Featured Training on Course Catalog

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > University > UI Interface
  2. You will be defaulted to the Block Content > Homepage. Click on Course Catalog
  3. Follow the same steps to add to Homepage.
    • Click add block
    • Fill in the necessary information to define the block and parameters
    • Block Contents: Content Type should be Featured Training
    • Define how the block will Display, how many courses will appear, and whether learners can change the display type

After you have featured courses and add the Featured Training block, you can see your changes by going to your homepage. To quickly navigate to your University, click Back to University.

Your block should appear on the website in the order you set above.