University $BlueBucks

This report will give you Rollup and Detail views of the $BlueBuck activity for your university in a given Date Range. The resulting report will include demographic and university data for each learner along with how many $BlueBucks have been earned during the stated date range. This report will show $BlueBucks earned only from within your university. This report will not include $BlueBucks learners earned in other universities on the BlueVolt platform. This report cannot be run by Group Admins because it is not group-restricted. This report is only available for University Admins. If you want to provide this report to your Group Admins, you can run the report, filter for that group, and provide the report to the Group Admin.

NOTE: For a comprehensive report on $BlueBucks earned by learners across all BlueVolt platform universities, see User $BlueBucks .

To run the report:

  1. Go to Admin > Reports > University $BlueBucks
  2. Enter a Date Range
  3. Click Run Report (to view in browser) or Download Report to Excel