Update an Existing Course

Courses are rarely evergreen. Products change, features change, even the technologies that create the course content change. There are many reasons you would need to occasionally update your existing courses.

BlueVolt has a few ways you can do that. First, you can create an entirely new course and Inactivate the old course. There are some downsides to this:

  1. If you just need to update one module of a multi-module course, it’s a bit cumbersome to create a whole new course with all the content just to change one module.
  2. A new course means all new Enrollments and Completions. Reporting would be separate from the old course.
  3. You would also have to give the new course a unique name.

Instead of creating an entirely new course, you can make updates to an existing course. You can Inactivate Modules you no longer need in a course, as well as replace the content in existing Modules. You can also add additional Modules to a course. 

NOTE: You should never delete a Module from an active course once there is learner data attached. See the end of this article for more information and the specific circumstances where deleting a Module is appropriate. 

Inactivate Modules

Occasionally, you may wish to remove a Module from an active course, but leave the remaining Modules. Rather than deleting the Module, you can simply Inactivate it. This will hide it from your learners' view and prevent them from being required to complete it in order to complete the course. Inactive modules will remain in the Course Editor view with the content still accessible. You won't lose learner completion data by Inactivating the modules like you would if you deleted the Module.

To InactivateModule, go to Admin > Training > Content > Courses.

  1. Select the Category for the course (or select Select All or Uncategorized)
  2. Type the Name of the course or part of the name and hit <Enter>.
  3. Click the Course Title to enter Course Editor.
  4. Click the tab you want to edit. We're editing Modules, so click 3.Modules.
  5. Click the Module you want to Inactivate
  6. Change the Module Status from Active to Inactive.
  7. Click Next
  8. Repeat this process for additional Modules you want to Inactivate.
  9. Click Save & Finish when you're done. 

The Modules you inactivated will no longer appear as part of the course in the learners' view. 

Edit Existing Course to Add/Replace Content

To edit a course, go to Admin > Training > Content > Courses.

  1. Select the Category for the course (or select Select All or Uncategorized)
  2. Type the Name of the course or part of the name and hit <Enter>.
  3. Click the Course Name to enter the Course Editor.
  4. Select the area of the course you want to update. In this example, we’re only going to update the content, so we will select Modules.
  5. Select the Module you want to replace by clicking its name.
  6. From this screen, you can edit the information and settings of that Module. You can also replace the module content. This Module is a SCORM package. To replace it, click the Choose a SCORM Package button just like you would if you were adding a SCORM for the first time. The system will upload the new SCORM, overwriting the existing/old SCORM.
  7. Once the file completes loading, you can change additional settings in the Module.
  8. Once all changes to this Module have been made, click Next.
  9. Repeat these steps to update any additional Modules in the course.
  10. Once you’re finished with all changes, click Save & Exit.

NOTE: You can replace content in most Module Types. The example above is for a SCORM. Edit the Module you want to replace and follow the steps as if you were creating the Module for the first time. Save your changes.

The course will now show updated content to the learners who have not started the Module previously. Learners who have progress in the Module will not see new content until you reset their progress manually in their Transcript. If you do not reset their progress, they will continue with the old content until the Module is complete. 

CAUTION: When changing Assessments and Surveys , you will be prompted to reset progress for current learners enrolled. Make sure to read the message carefully. Resetting progress will require learners to restart where you made changes. You will not receive this message for other Module Types

Delete an Existing Module

You have the ability to delete a Module in a course on the BlueVolt platform. This completely removes the Module and all content from the course. This action cannot be undone. Deleting Modules should not be done after the course has Enrollments and Completions as this will cause issues with learners’ progress and Transcript. Deleting a Module should only be done when you are developing a course or when the Module has never been taken by a learner. Once learner Enrollment and Completion data exists for a Module, it's better to use one of the steps outlined above to replace or inactivate the Module

For example: You’re creating a course and you add a module you decide to leave out of the course. Deleting the Module is appropriate. Likewise, you are editing an existing course and you add a totally new Module to the end. Before learners have taken the Module, you determine you don’t want it in the course. Deleting the Module is appropriate here as well.

On the contrary, if you have a course which has been active in your university and has Enrollments and Completions attached to it, but you want to remove/change the Module, you shouldn't Delete the Module. Instead, you can follow steps outlined below to replace the content in the Module with updated content with less disruption.