Use Course Emailer to Contact Learners

 The Course Emailer is used to communicate with the learners in your university, your group, or the course in which you are an instructor. This is a great way to let people know of changes in a current course, new courses becoming available, completions of certain courses, etc.

The Course Emailer can be used as a tool to promote a course that you want your learners to take. If you want a notification to go right to your learners' email with a link to the course, this is a good way to do so. You can include attachments, as well as pinpoint the exact people who you are trying to notify about your course.

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Course Emailer
  2. Choose the course you would like to email learners about.
  3. Select which group you would like to send this email to.
  4. Select which learners in that group you want to email. (Not Completed, Completed, Enrolled, Behind Schedule, Not Enrolled, or All Students)
  5. Write your email using tokens.

TIP: You can use these tokens in the email subject and body:

[[CourseLink]], [[CourseName]], [[FirstName]], [[LastName]], [[PasswordLink]], and [[Username]]

  1. Preview the email to display the message the learners will receive
  2. Send the email