User Has Multiple Accounts (Merge Request)

BlueVolt only permits a person to have one profile in the BlueVolt platform. With that one profile, they are permitted to belong to multiple universities. Maintaining one profile makes it a lot easier for Admins AND the Learners because all the information is right there, in one place.

There are situations where users may end up with multiple accounts. For example, a lot of people don’t realize you can Update Existing Profile and Login Information. When a learner’s email address or other profile information changes, it’s not necessary to create an entirely new profile. The information can simply be updated in the existing record.

Multiple accounts can lead to learners being enrolled in the same course multiple times or not getting credit for completed courses. It can also lead to disqualification from the $BlueBucks program as learners are not permitted to earn $BlueBucks for the same course multiple times.

In the event you discover or suspect a user has multiple accounts, BlueVolt has a process in place to merge those records into one profile. This is a process which must be performed by the BlueVolt Support team and is not something a University Admin is able to do at this time.

Request An Account Merge

It’s easy to request an account merge from BlueVolt Support. We just need a couple pieces of important information. Please contact BlueVolt Support and provide the following:

  1. The name of the user and the email address you want to keep as the username/email of record
  2. The email address(es) you want to merge away (disable).

Occasionally, the two profiles may have enrollment and/or completion dates which overlap and BlueVolt Support will clarify with you what dates to keep and what dates to delete, ensuring the user’s transcript is accurate and up to date after the merge is complete. Most of the time, though, there are no overlaps or competing dates and the merge is easy to complete. BlueVolt Support will always contact you to confirm once the request has been completed.

It’s that easy! After the merge, the user will be able to sign in with the username/email address and password as usual and their Transcript will show the complete record of their learning, including all courses taken on the now-disabled additional account.