User Management Overview

This is an overview of user management. Many of these topics will be discussed in detail elsewhere. Where possible, links to additional information are provided.



There is no limit to how many administrators your university can have. There are different levels of administrators, each with different permissions/access.

  • University Admin – Full access to everything in your university
  • Group Admin – Access to reporting and management (retakes, enrollment, grading) of users in their group.
  • Group Report Viewer – Access to reporting for users in their group.
  • Course Admin – Access to a specific course and only users in that course.

For more information, see Changing/Adding Administrator Roles

Individual User Accounts in the University 

There are a handful of ways user accounts are created.


Benefits of Group Hierarchies in Your University

  • Groups keep your user accounts organized
  • Segment your users by type of user (user type, geographic location, industry, etc.)
  • You can run reports on a specific group or groups of users
  • Limiting courses to only be available to certain groups of users within your university

 Detail on Creating Group Hierarchies

Send Emails to Everyone in a Group

You can use the Course Emailer  to email everyone in a group (even when they are not in a course). This is useful for communicating information about the university and/or courses to a specific group of users without having to do so one at a time.

Profile Already Exists 

Sooner or later you will try to add a user into your university who already exists in the BlueVolt system of universities. See Add Users to Your University for information.

User Didn’t Receive or Deleted Invitation Email 

Send/Resend Email Invitation will show you how to resend an email invitation if a user doesn’t receive or deletes it.