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Verification Information Rejected

If you enter your full email address and your password and receive a message indicating 'The verification words are incorrect', you haven't checked the I'm not a robot CAPTCHA box. 



CAPTCHA is a security measure to verify that there is an actual person trying to log into the system.  There will be a small box that will pop up that says I'm not a robot

If this appears under the Username and Password fields, please click inside the box next to I'm not a robot. You will be asked to perform a simple task in CAPTCHA such as "choose all the pictures with a crosswalk". Once a green check mark appears in that box you may click Login to proceed.

NOTE: New users may have to repeat the CAPTCHA process several times before their system recognizes the CAPTCHA feature and allows them to log in. This should only happen a couple of times, and after that users should be able to do the CAPTCHA feature once upon login. If you feel it's taking too many tries, clearing your browser cache can help. You can find out how to do this for different browsers by reading Clear Browser Cache