Waitlists for ILT Courses

This feature allows learners to add themselves to a waitlist for an instructor-led training course which is noted as “Full”.

Courses with Waitlists

Currently, all courses marked as ILT (Instructor-Led Training) and that don’t require a payment have the waitlist functionality. In the future, this may be expanded to Paid and Online courses.


Join Waitlist

When a course becomes full, a Waitlist link appears next to “Schedule full” on the course's Detail tab. Clicking that link brings up a list of all full schedules.

NOTE: It's not possible for a learner to be both enrolled in the course and waitlisted. When a learner is enrolled in the course, the waitlist link will not display as an option.


Select a Schedule

The learner clicks the checkbox under the heading Add To Waitlist next to the desired schedule(s). Learners may choose more than one. The Waitlist link changes to a Remove From Waitlist link.


Removing name from Waitlist

Clicking the Remove From Waitlist next to the “Schedule Full” notation on the selected schedule(s) on the course Detail tab will remove the learner from the schedule.


NOTE: Learners are placed on the waitlist in the order in which they request to join. The first person to sign up gets first open slot and so on. Admins can manually change the order of the waitlist.


A Spot Becomes Available

If more than 24 hours before course is scheduled to start:

The first priority person on the waitlist is automatically enrolled. The system will send an email informing the learner they have been enrolled in the course. The system will also send an email to the course instructor notifying them a person has been added from the waitlist.

If less than 24 hours before course is scheduled to start:

The learner will NOT be automatically enrolled. The system will notify the course instructor, who is responsible for enrolling/notifying the learner.


Administrator Waitlist Management

Who can view/manage the waitlist?

Anyone with course enrollment privileges for that course, such as:

  • University administrator
  • Course instructors
  • Group course editors


Locate the Waitlist in Admin

There are two ways:

  1. Training > Manage Enrollments > ILT > [selected course] > Waitlist
  2. Training > Training Calendar > [sort by selected criteria]

NOTE: The Waitlist link displays only when any upcoming schedule becomes full. It is possible there will not be anyone on the waitlist yet. This allows you to manually add a learner to the waitlist for a full schedule.

The waitlist is organized in descending order, starting with the first (oldest) entry. An entry is automatically removed if the waitlisted person gets enrolled, or when the date/time of the schedule passes.


Change the Order of the Waitlist

Click & hold the double arrow under the heading Drag To Re-Order at the far left and move the learner to the desired position.


Add/Remove Waitlist Entries

To add:

  • Select Add Learner at the top.
  • Enter the learner’s name and select from the list.
  • Click the Select button next to the appropriate schedule.

To remove:

  • Click the Remove link next to the name of the learner.


Approve Waitlisted Learners and Enroll Them in the Course

Select Approve next next to the entry for the learner you are enrolling.

NOTE: You do not need to increase seats in a course before adding a learner from the waitlist. This happens automatically.